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Total Productive Maintenance/Total Process Reliability (TPM/TPR) is more far-reaching than maintenance. It is a strategy to build a sustainable culture of equipment reliability and plant productivity. Learn how you can increase equipment reliability and overall plant productivity while reducing maintenance costs.

Goals of TPM/TPR
The goal and objective of TPM/TPR is to work towards achieving Zero Breakdowns, Zero Defects, Zero Minor Stoppages and Lower Costs.

Training Outcome
In this eye-opening 3-day seminar you will learn

•How to successfully lead a TPM/TPR implementation effort at your plant.
•How to improved your plant reliability through TPM/TPR
•How to establish small groups and Equipment Improvement Teams (EITs) in your organization
•How to implement TPM in existing facilities, large, medium and small
•How TPM/TPR complements and supports your Operations for maximum Output
•Why Autonomous Maintenance is not enough, and why implementing ALL elements of TPM/TPR is critical for improving equipment reliability and effectiveness
• How to combine "quick wins" with improved systems to achieve long-term, sustainable change
• How to use the TPM/TPR Implementation Model to embed and sustain the changes, leading to a successful, sustainable TPM/TPR effort
Total Productive Maintenance has the potential to be one of the most influential factors affecting your company’s bottom line.

Course Content (3-day)
Basic Concepts of TPM/TPR
•Origins of TPM/TPR
•TPM/TPR philosophy
•Goals & Benefits of TPM/TPR
•3 major principles of TPM/TPR
•Elements of the organizational structure of TPM/TPR

Assess the Current Systems
•Gap analyses and its purpose
•Selecting areas to assess
•Organize data to assess the current state compared to the desired state

Build a Compelling Case for Change
•Gap analyses and its purpose
•Identify and evaluate the need for change
•Elements of the change process
•Brainstorm and prioritize the barriers and drivers faced in the organization
•Principles for developing a business case for change

Develop Support Structure & Implementation Strategy
• Characteristics of successful coalition roles
•Identify potential candidates for these roles
•Training requirements and how your organization would support these roles
•Importance of education and communication in expanding the support structure
• Steering committees, implementation teams, and focus teams; purpose and benefits of these teams; identifying individuals to participate on each team
•Principles to establishing a good vision

Develop Internal Expertise to Drive the Change
•TPM/TPR Coordinator/Change Agent roles & responsibilities
•Identifying potential candidates for the role
•Change Agent Workshop Model training concepts

Demonstrate Quick Wins
•7 Steps of Basic Equipment Care
• Concepts of Equipment Improvement
• Categories of losses
•The Six Big Losses & OEE
•Life Cycle Cost
•Makeup and function of Equipment Improvement Teams
•Concepts of Root Cause Analysis

Improve the Systems
•Creating effective process guides
•Concepts of Maintenance Excellence including proactive integrated maintenance model, elements of a good PM/PdM program, performance measures
• Key elements of a good maintenance system
•Factors that lead to good performance and the elements that make up a training model
•Need for and objectives of Equipment Design Excellence

Embed the Improvements
•Linking Key Performance Indicators to leadership’s goals
•Linking TPM/TPR principles with quality standards
•Auditing process guide implementation

Sustain the Improvement
•Monitoring change elements
•Rewards and recognition


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