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Material handling and warehousing provides a basic understanding of the major factors in managing a warehouse and distribution system. Introduce the concepts and applications for the effective management and control of distribution channel, warehouse, and transportation management functions and processes.
This course is designed for people working in the fields of materials and/or operations management who need to learn the basic concepts, techniques, and terminology of warehousing and material handling activities in an organization. Techniques of material control, effective warehousing, and the use of appropriate material handling equipment are covered. Completion of this course will significantly improve the participant's knowledge of material handling and warehousing and can be used in the working environment.

Course Content (2-day)

• Recognizing the Hazards of Manual Material Handling
• Volume and Weight
• Packaging

Physical Layout
• Unsuitable pickup or placement height
• Long Vertical Path
• Limited accessibility to Load

Material Handling Equipments and Automation
• Manual pallet jack
• Mobile ladder
• Elevating platform
• Dolly
• Step ladder
• Fork truck and electric pallet jack

Inventory Management for Organizational Effectiveness

Information systems/Information technology used in warehousing (e.g. WMS, RFID)

Safety and Security in Material Handling

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