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The quality of packaging and productivity has to improve continuously in order to stay competitive and profitable. This can be achieved if supervisors, operators and all production staff are more diligent to their responsibility of critically monitoring and controlling shift activities and practicing quality assurance during the shift. Exhibiting and instilling good attitude and behaviour in the team.
This training, which comprises the application of Operator-based maintenance, Root Cause Analysis to eliminate chronic problems, Focus Improvement, Documentation and Continuous Improvement is designed to improve product quality, productivity and Long-term viability.

Course Content (3-day)

Material Management with emphasis on efficient packaging system capturing the following;
• Essence of packaging – quality, cost, organizational image etc.
• What goes in quality packaging? Participants should at least appreciate quality checks on inputs, transit and output of the processes.
Soundness of products in the stores, legible coding of the product, consistent quality of product, consistency of product weights.
• Packaging as part of quality management system.

Strengthening Preventive Maintenance Improvement Strategies
• Preventive Maintenance, Inspection, Cleaning and Lubrication document.
• Plans/guide for operators on how to use the data and documentations to achieve expected results.
• Indicate monitoring compliance that ensures that people are complying with the process.

Developing Standardized Support Structure for streamlining Strategies factoring
• Operator based maintenance as contributor to product quality and productivity improvement
• Planned preventive maintenance – the contribution of production personnel (operators) in ensuring product quality and productivity improvement

Documentation and Communication in assuring product quality and productivity improvement

Product Quality and Productivity Improvement Tools

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