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This course would guide participants to gaining understanding of pneumatic components and systems through to trouble shooting and repairs. This begins by breaking down the components of the pneumatic system including compressors, regulators, air dryers, heat exchangers, valves, and actuators. Participants will construct, adjust, and analyze circuits by following schematic diagrams. Troubleshooting, eliminating the “trial and error” methods through a systematic approach. Using scenarios, participants design and construct circuits to accomplish the desired results. They will leave this course with valuable new skills that can be successfully applied to their jobs. This is an excellent course for multi-craft personnel

Course Content (5 days)
• Comparison of pneumatic and hydraulic systems
• Identify advantages of pneumatics
• Identifications of pneumatic components
• Pneumatic symbols and schematic diagrams
• Metering Circuits
• Air quality Filter selection
• Logic controls
• Pneumatic fittings and tubing
• Building and analyzing pneumatic circuits
• Safety procedures and practices related to pneumatic equipment
• Reading pneumatic schematics
• Troubleshooting and maintenance practices of pneumatic systems
• Safety circuits
• Solenoid operated valves
• Proportional valves
• Pneumatic interfacing
• Pulse Circuits
• Sequencing circuits
• Vacuum generators
• Pneumatic sensors
• Automatic reciprocation
• Design considerations


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