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This course provides foundational training in industrial lubricants, machinery lubrication and oil sampling. It is designed to help participants achieve greater equipment reliability in their plant.
If you aren’t using the correct lubricant at the right time in the right quantity and in the right place, you could be doing your equipment more harm than good. Modern lubrication programs have changed considerably from “old school” methods that have been passed down through generations.
This course contains a strategic collection of the very best practices for applying and managing lubrication that you can take home and begin using right away.

Course Objectives:
The objective of this course is to;
• Empower the participants with the knowledge to understand important lubricant properties and strategies to select the correct lubricant for each machine application.
• Set a good foundation of knowledge to make a measurable difference in your lubrication programs

What You’ll Learn
•The most effective lubrication methods for more reliable machinery
•How to build a safe and effective lubricant storage and handling program
•How to rate filters and select the right filtration for the job
•Lubricant labeling and coding systems – what works and what doesn’t
•Industry’s best procedures for greasing electric motor bearings
• How to get the right lubricant, in the right place, at the right time, and in the right amount

Who Should Attend?
All Maintenance Professionals Reliability Engineers
Lubrication Engineers Craftsmen
Equipment Operators Maintenance Managers
Lubrication Technicians Laboratory Analysts
Predictive Maintenance Technicians Maintenance Supervisors
Manufacturing/Industrial Engineers Operations Managers
Lubricant Industry Professionals

Course Outline 2-days

•How Lubrication Affects Machine Reliability
•Lubrication Fundamentals
•Understanding Additives, Base Oils and Grease Thickeners
•Lubricant Performance Properties
•Food-grade and Environmentally-friendly Lubricants
•Lubricating Grease Application Methods
• Lubricating Oil Application Methods
•Bearing Lubricants
•Gear Lubricants
•Automotive and Mobile Equipment Drive-line Lubricants
•Hydraulic Fluids
•Contamination Control
•Oil Drains, Flushing, and Reservoir Management
•Storing, Handling, and Managing Lubricants
•Essential Field Inspections

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