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  Current Best Practices (CBP)
CBP is a collective functioning and concurrent application of changes in both the technology and management of the organization. For the cycle of change to be sustained, both the technical and organizational change must occur at the same time. This is to ensure that organization will not slip back to its old ways. MEMCONS renders adaptive CBP programs involving all the stakeholders (Management, Operators/Production, Maintenance/Technical and Stores teams) in order to achieve a sustainable change for plant reliability and organizational growth.

By engaging in Current Best Practices your organization achieves:
· Increased reliability and manufacturing throughput and to drive down costs.
· Control on what practices are expected to be executed in a good maintenance organization.
· Education in what constitutes best reliability and maintenance organizations.
· Discovery of how good your organization is and how good it can become.
· Benchmark maintenance performance.
· Development improvement action plans.
· Improvements Measurement techniques.
· Comparison of performance with other organizations.

Have you been wondering if your plant is experiencing CBP?
Have you been thinking of how your plant’s performance could be improve by CBP?

MEMCONS offers free assessment to help unravel the actual status of your plant and also guides the mapping of steps towards achieving plant efficiency with CBP.
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