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  Spare Parts Management
Spare Parts Management and an organized maintenance storeroom is one of the key processes which support effective maintenance planning & scheduling and equipment reliability improvement. Improved materials management and spare parts management will free up time for maintenance planners, maintenance supervisors, and hourly maintenance personnel. It is not unusual to see an average of 20-30% of maintenance crafts people’s time to be used for finding parts and material. Consulting and implementation support in reliability-focused spare parts management builds on the idea that MEMCONS will transfer knowledge and work procedures to your plant as accurately and quickly as possible. MEMCONS believes that we should work as coaches and catalysts to provide hands-on help for the purpose of improving plant work systems and train your people.

We will also provide advice in maintenance storeroom and other maintenance management issues to management. MEMCONS will come into the improvement project with a lot of experience and new ideas for your plant. We have extracted best practices in spare parts management and collected pertinent information to improve implementation speed and quality of services for your plant. For example, we have created business processes for purchasing in maintenance storeroom, receiving in maintenance storeroom, Bill of Materials, Economic Order Quantities (EOQ), and much more. We have also designed a process for defining roles and responsibilities for each employee involved in the maintenance storeroom.

How does applying the techniques learned from MemCons affect a typically established plant?
· Reduce Maintenance Planner's work load by up to 50%
· Reduce inventory-replenishment purchase orders by up to 60%
· Reduce manually-prepared direct purchase requisitions by up to 80%
· Reduce maintenance Storeroom inventories by 30%, while increasing reliability
· Provide new measures for tracking plant reliability
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