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Preventive Maintenance/ Essential Care and Condition Monitoring (PM/ECCM)
Essential Care is a compilation of processes that will prevent failures from occurring. For example lubrication, alignment, balancing, cleaning, and operating procedures, adjustments and installation procedures. Essential Care prevents failures (prolong life of equipment).
Fixed Time Maintenance is sometimes selected for equipment with a known life. The equipment is replaced periodically on a fixed time interval. Fixed time maintenance prevents failures from occurring (without prolonging life)
Objective condition monitoring is preferred over subjective condition. Objective methods are for example vibration analysis, ultrasonic, and temperature-, pressure-, voltage- and ampere readings.
Subjective inspections are look, listen, feel and smell
Preventive Maintenance is essential care and fixed time maintenance together. Both essential care and fixed time maintenance PREVENTS FAILURES, while Conditions Monitoring only DETECTS FAILURES EARLY.
The gap of “what could be” and “what is”
Provides the foundation for making an implementation plan and identify measurable success indicators for the condition monitoring and preventive maintenance program.

MemCons therefore educates
Clients on current best PM / ECCM practices by first identifying the gap between best practices and the actual performance of the plant.

1. To convey to the plant what a good condition monitoring and preventive maintenance program looks like.
2. The goal is to achieve a condition monitoring and preventive maintenance program that is
· Documented
· Executed
· Tracked

· Implementation may start with initial reliability training for the plant in PM and condition monitoring. After the initial training, we work with your people on-the-job to implement and institute the PM / ECCM processes.
· In our opinion, it is critical to do work with the frontline on-the-for implementing better practices. The key is for personnel to build the process themselves, using MemCons only as catalyst and trainer. By having personnel build or revamp a preventive maintenance program and use MemCons as guide, we will get people to take OWNERSHIP in the new process and therefore make it sustainable.
· MemCons identifies the scope of PM / ECCM in your plant and focus on improving the processes that applies to your plant (identified in the gap analysis).
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