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Be assured that MemCons is amassing proven track record of successful projects. Our emphasis on trainings and projects that yields results has been our hallmark. We’ve passed on significant cache of best practices and lessons across multiple industries. You might also be interested in our success stories to see how we have helped companies like yours.

Success Stories
You want measurable results—and MemCons can deliver them. Achievements for our clients have been valuable. The reason is simple: our experience, training expertise, and industry knowledge are all focused on your success. The following are cases of how MemCons has worked with other organizations to meet their needs and business goals.

• Restructuring/Change Management process & Total Productive Maintenance Management program for a client company.
This has been a long term project beginning September 2012 and is an ongoing one. The process involves training seminar for the top management on organizational restructuring and change management strategies to enhance productivity and reliability of the plant. We moved on with the middle management personnel on the importance of restructuring, leadership and teambuilding skills. The various departments of the organization: engineering, administrators, including their suppliers and customer went through programs such as the 5S, Autonomous Maintenance, Root Cause Analysis, Focus Improvement, and Continuous Improving.
This process begun with consultations and studies, this was to ascertain their needs with the purpose of designing the appropriate training and coaching. As we train and coach them, we emphasize the strategy of passing knowledge with our post training consultations to facilitate smooth implementations.
One and half years down the project line, the company has been able to expand their capacity by moving to their Ultra modern factory plant with well laid down structures, in terms of operations and processes, have seen a reduction in operational and maintenance cost, have increase production output of about 60% with new product lines.

• Overcoming multiple challenges by planning for the future
As they looked into the future, one of Ghana’s leading plastic manufacturing companies faced a 24 hours/day, seven days a week operations with a labor force with little or no formal training, different job classifications exhibiting needs at every skill level. Using our systematic approach to maintenance training, MemCons developed a training plan designed to elevate skill levels across all job classifications, equipped an on-site training center to support our hands-on approach, and prepared the workforce for whatever the future holds. MemCons makes it happen.
To learn more on these and other success stories contact us.
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