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  Root Cause Problem Elimination
This is the strategic art of choosing problems to eliminate, eliminating the problem and then educating and training all who are involved.
We currently offer the following in problem solving, they are:

· Problem Solving training for the Maintenance Technicians/Engineers
· Lead/ Facilitate a Problem Solving training

Purpose of the problem solving training is to convince the participant that structured problem solving will deliver faster and more accurate solutions to problems, and to teach the participant how to solve problems using simple but accurate processes.

What will you learn?
How to first and foremost solve problem by employing other improvement initiatives and processes in your plant, for example, planning and scheduling condition monitoring, Plant Meetings and decision making, preventive maintenance. There will also be insight to:
How to calculate the financial impact of problems, that is how to assign cost to a failure.
· Problem solving process
· Problem statement
· Data Collection
· Defining facts
· Identifying Possible Causes
· Identifying True Root causes
· Optional “tools” to use in problem solving
· Failure modes of common components
· Practical exercise in Solving Problems
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· MemCons Brochure
· MemCons 2018 Training Calendar
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