"MemCons, your partner for sustainable future"
What is the maximum potential of your Operators?
Are your Operators having good Maintenance culture?

How About :
• Training the Operator to be able to use Equipment’s/Machines efficiently.
• Empowering them to partner with the maintenance technicians to work as a team.
• Coaching them to reduce chances of collateral damage to the systems.
• Training them achieve a zero down-time.
• Training them to achieve zero defects in production

This is what Autonomous Maintenance (Operator Based Maintenance) seeks to achieve.
In Industrial Maintenance, Autonomous Maintenance is a collective approach to changing Worker mind-set, Improving worker skill and Work place culture.

This approach is to:
• Stop accelerated deterioration of related features.
• Stabilize equipment conditions.
• Prevent avoidable accidents.

• By Improving Human Resources
• By Improving Plant & Equipment
• By Improving Corporate Culture

To improve your performance and system reliability, then do embark on a 3 days training on ‘Operator Based Maintenance’. The course is designed for Operators, Maintenance Staff, Production Staff, Reliability Personnel, Continuous Improvement Personnel.

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